Er.Rancho SF


Er. Rancho SF ( Inherent waterproofing compound )

  1. Er.Rancho SF is formulated to create a moisture repelling barrier on a variety of surfaces. 
  2. It is composed of curing agents ,polymers, fillers and additives which provide seepage free construction. 
  3. Er.Rancho SF is as per IS:2645:2003 STANDARD product.  
  4. Add only 200 ml of Er.Rancho SF for every 50 kg bag of cement in the concrete mortar mix.  
  5. Er.Rancho SF can be used in basement ,roofs, slabs, screeds, water tanks, water retaining structures, external plastering, bathrooms etc.  


Er.Rancho URP


Er. Rancho URP ( Universal Repairing Compound )

1.Er. Rancho URP is Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex which has specifically designed for use 

with rubber compositions for multiple surfaces.

2.Er. Rancho URP is as per ISI:9130 standard product. 

3.Er. Rancho URP can be used for bonding of new  concrete to old concrete, masonry stone works, 

Fixing or refixing of slip bricks, tiles, stone and marble bedding etc.

4.We have to mix 1kg of Er. Rancho URP compound into 2 kg of grey or white cement and its coverage area is about 45 sft/kg in 2 coats (approx). 


 We are using Korean technology for manufacturing of this product which provides us the best rubber base compound with world class standard and our product comes with 50 % solid content as compare to other products which comes with 30-35 % of solid contents in market. 


Er.Rancho WR


Er. Rancho WR (Water Repellent ) 

It is a water resistive material which can add more life to :-.

1.Clay brick surfaces 

2.Concrete, mortar.

3. Mangalore tiles.

4.Wooden flooring .

5.Natural and artificial stones etc. 


Rancho Multipurpose cleaner

  •   It can be used for various floor cleaning purpose. 
  •   Tiles ( Ceramic and porcelain ),Granite, Slate .
  •   Sandstones, Bathtub, all kinds of concrete  and non concrete surfaces on regular basis.